So I was browsing around on Switchboard and I found this awesome website that was founded by an Oberlin Alum! It’s called Bookalokal , and it features locals hosting other people in their hometown at their favorite restaurant or for a homecooked meal. There are tons of cool meal offers all over the world on Bookalokal. There’s even an offer from an Oberlin resident looking to cook vegetarian cuisine with friends! I bet there are a number of us that would love to take up such an offer or that would love to make a similar offer of your own.

Take the Summer Experience Survey for a Chance to Win an iPad Mini

At the Career Center and Bonner Center for Service and Learning​, we get many ​questions about what Oberlin students do. What do students do over the summer or during Winter Term? Do they work with alumni? What do students do with X Major?

We have good answers for these questions. Ask us.

But we only have part of the story and we need your feedback. We want to show the Oberlin College community what kind of a difference you are making. Help us tell the story of Oberlin College’s effect during the summer of 2014. What did you do? work? research? service? study away? internship? writing? performing? Let us know.

Complete the Summer Experience Survey!

Amplify the Oberlin Effect. Share your experiences with us and we’ll share them with other students who are interested in what you’re already doing.  Help advance the diverse ways the Oberlin College ​community can create public good.

Please complete the survey by Tuesday, September 23​rd​ to be eligible to win one of three prizes:  an iPad mini, a $50 iTunes gift card, or a 1/2 hour massage with a local massage therapist. Winners will be randomly drawn from completed surveys and will be contacted by email in early October. ​

This survey is co-sponsored by the Career Center and the Bonner Center for Service and Learning. Please email Melissa Moore ( ​ if you need technical assistance with the survey.

It’s Work Song of the Week Day!

I’ve never heard a song by Eels other than Railroad Man, but this song is awesome. This song is about the changing of the times and how a man in a fading industry feels about the life he leads.

"Feel like an old railroad man, gettin’ on board at the end of an age.

The station’s empty and the whistle blows, things are faster now this train is just too slow.”

To me, there’s nothing incredibly profound about this song, but I love the wistful slide guitar and the lightly brushed cymbal and snare that keep the tempo of the song steady and train-like. I hope you enjoy it!